I’m an occupational therapist clinically working at the division of neurology and rehabilitation medicine in Lund. I defended my PhD thesis about Cognitive function after cardiac arrest and targeted temperature managament in November 2015 and have been involved in long-term follow-up of cardiac arrest survivors since 2003. In the Target Temperature Management (TTM) trial I coordinated the follow-up and the extended sub-study of cognitive impairment. My main research focus is long-term outcome and cognitive impairment after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In the large TTM-trial we collected extensive information about survivor’s health-related quality of life, functional outcome, cognitive performance, psychological well-being and ability to participate in daily life. We also assessed relative’s health-related quality of life and feelings of burden. The aim is to describe both long-term outcome of cardiac arrest survivors in general, but also to identify a clinically helpful screening model to easily detect survivors in risk for a less successful recovery, and in need of extra support and rehabilitation. Except for the continuing analyses of the TTM data in collaboration with Associate professor MD Tobias Cronberg, Psychologist and PhD student Erik Blennow-Nordström, Physioterapist Katarina Heimburg, and MD Maria Markus, I’m also one of a team responsible for the follow-up in the on going study DIrect or Subacute Coronary angiography in Out-of-hospital cardic arrest, a member of the Swedish Resuscitation Council working group of Post cardiac arrest care, and in the working group of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) in the Swedish Cardiac Arrest Registry.